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A modern Chinese restaurant In Palma de Mallorca

A modern concept of Chinese cuisine that brings together oriental flavours with a unique savoir-faire to create a bold dining experience in Palma de Mallorca. A restaurant characterised by its homemade Dim Sum, signature cocktails, notorious Frikin’ Pekin’ Duck and an interior décor that will transport you straight to China town.

Mr Xiao Restaurante Palma de Mallorca

You don’t need a silver fork to enjoy good food – so, get your chopsticks ready.

Restaurante chino Palma de Mallorca

Who is Mr. Xiao?

Ancient tales tell stories of a wise man who went by the name of Mr. Xiao. Some said he was a master of Kung Fu, others told stories about his travels, including the time he spent in Shaolin, under a vow of silence, where he perfected his cocktail making skills. Children were told Mr. Xiao would come and see them if they didn’t finish their Dim Sum and the village people knew he was coming when all the ducks would flee the town.

Nobody had ever met Mr. Xiao until one night, in a place that cannot be named in the Tramuntana, Mallorca, we found his lair. Dim in light and sweet in scent, it’s walls were filled with all sorts of Asian spices he’d been growing for decades. On a central table, one singular book containing the recipes he’d mastered throughout his time, and, over a Matcha Cocktail, he revealed the secrets he had kept locked up for so long.

So, who is Mr. Xiao? That’s something you’ll never know, yet you can feel his essence in every one of our recipes.

Mr Xiao Restaurante Palma de Mallorca

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Mr Xiao Restaurante Palma de Mallorca

Homemade baby

From our Dim Sum to our desserts, everything 100% fresh and homemade in our Lab Kitchen. In fact, the art of preparing our notorious Peking Duck – from its marinating to its finishing in our authentic Peking Duck oven – takes it sweet time. But then again, perfection can’t be rushed…


We always love a spontaneous visit from you, but we can’t always promise that we’ll have a spot for you. To make sure you don’t miss out on your favourite Dim Sum, reserve a table below.

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