Banana Clip Group

A small group with a big appetite

Banana Clip Group

A small group with a big appetite

At heart, at Banana Clip Group we are just a really hungry bunch.

A group with a hunger for ideas – some of which come to life through the dishes in our restaurants and others that remain within the walls of our experimental lab kitchen in Palma de Mallorca.

We like to do things differently. We love good food, and we love having the freedom to create it. But it’s not always about creating something innovative… At Banana Clip Group we take our time, we continually work on each recipe – from the most basic to the most complex – to make sure that the flavours, aromas and, among many other things, the colours are as close to perfection as we consider possible. We combine the freshest ingredients with a touch of culinary playfulness to create recipes packed with flavours and bold experiences.

Banana Clip ALMOST always focuses on locally sourced ingredients. And we say almost always because our CEO is French and, unsurprisingly, believes that France has the best wine, cheese, and butter – a belief that has led him on a wild goose chase to import original French products to Palma de Mallorca. But well, that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Our restaurants

A cosy Italian restaurant with recipes that feel like La Nonna’s Sunday cooking. At Rikito you will find fresh, homemade pasta, delicious pizzas made in our Neapolitan fire oven, a warm and charming atmosphere, and lots and lots of truffle.

Get those chopsticks ready for this fun, young and extremely yum concept of modern Chinese cuisine. A restaurant characterised by its homemade Dim Sum, oriental flavours, signature cocktails and notorious Frikin’ Pekin’ Duck.

Set in the heart of Sa Feixina Park, this brasserie-style restaurant presents an all-day-long concept that spans from breakfast to dinner, while not forgetting the snacks in between. With French influences, you can expect delicious brunches, a newfound love for sando’s and plenty of French butter.

Ravioli Palma de Mallorca

Nothing tastes as good as homemade

Welcome to Banana Clip’s Kitchen Lab, the place where the behind-the-scenes magic takes place.

Here you may find us making some of Rikito’s extra thick Spaghetti or Green Artichoke Ravioli, preparing Mr. Xiao’s infamous Frikin’ Pekin’ Duck or working on some French patisseries for Café Poupette.

It’s the HQ of ideas, experimenting with new concepts, setting things on fire, and getting giggy with it.